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Exercising Your Core – Genuine Relationships

Jesus’ prayer for us is that we would be one as He and the Father are one.  For us to experience this oneness and fulfill Jesus’ prayer will require us to pursue genuine relationships so we can live fully connected lives.  Listen in and learn how to develop genuine relationships that honor God.

Exercising Your Core – Spiritual Growth

When we exercise physically, we do it expecting results from our workouts.  The same principle that is true physically is true spiritually.  No one grows spiritually by accident; it requires us to make a decision to grow.  Listen in and let’s grow together.

Exercising Your Core – Authentic Worship

One of the most important exercises for our spiritual core is the practice of authentic worship.  But to effectively strengthen our spiritual core, we have to understand that worship is so much more than just what happens during a church service.  Listen as we learn together how we can develop a life of worship.

Exercising Your Core – Run to Win

This message kicks off our summer sermon series, “Exercising Your Core.”  Just as you must exercise your physical core to provide a solid base for physical training, you must also strengthen your spiritual core for a strong and vibrant walk with God.  Listen in as we discuss “Run to Win” and learn what we need to do […]

Why Pentecost?

As followers of Christ, we all need God’s power to be able to walk on the journey He has for us.  The events on the Day of Pentecost (Acts 2) are all about that power, the power of the Holy Spirit.  Listen to this message as we learn that this source of power is available […]


We all have experienced problems with our memory.  That’s why we have apps on our phones to remind us of the things we need to do, calendars that send us reminders, and various types of technology that helps us to find something that we have misplaced.  But this is not a new phenomenon; the Scriptures […]

It’s Time for Joy

Jesus came not just to provide a way to get to heaven but to experience an internal joy that our circumstances can’t overcome,  He tells us how we can have the full joy that He experienced while accomplishing the Father’s will.  Listen to learn about this joy and let’s embrace JOY together.